Start of Summer

I know I’m very lucky, in that I have a fairly large group of friends who are always ready to do things/go places/generally be weirdos.  It’s even better when the majority of us decide to go places as a massive group. This post is a little delayed, but I just thought I would share a few snaps that I took over the long weekend we had in May.

12 of us piled into our cars and drove to the town of Eastport for the weekend.  Eastport is a bit of a rarity in Newfoundland, in that, it has quite a few sand beaches.  These aren’t the norm around here (except I’m spoiled to have a pretty great one in my hometown of Elliston as well). The town is pretty small, but it was what we were looking for, for a weekend away.

We rented what used to be a B&B that is now rented out as a full unit. It was really great for everyone to have their own space – with 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms there was plenty of beds to go around!

IMG_6659The inside of the house. It was a little dated (think mid-90s) but very functional and had wifi.


A stereotypical “let’s go to the beach and jump in the air shot” – some of us are obviously more talented than others!


Brunch for 12 includes: 2 dozen eggs, 3 packages of bacon, 3 packages of touton dough, about 24 slices of bologna and (not shown) about 10 potatoes cut into hash browns. Quite the feed!


Corn hole tournament, anyone?


You probably haven’t acted out charades like these before.


As with any old house, we assumed this one was haunted. We named our ghostly friend Stanley. He seemed pretty friendly. Probably because we kept his cup full of beer over the weekend.


Talent? I think yes.

Those are just a few shots from our weekend. There’ll be more over the summer as we excursion more together.  Though, you know you’re really becoming an adult, when our next cabin outing involves children!


I’m Yelling Tinder

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for a rant.

Before I start this, just know that I come from a long line of cynical and sarcastic women, it’s built into my blood, I cannot (and would not want to) change this.

From time to time, as many single ladies do, I’ve been known to take a peruse of the dating sites. Lately I’ve been using Tinder more so than the older favourites of Plenty of Fish, Match, etc just because it seems to be the most popular in my area. What I’ve been learning through using these sites is – sorry men, but you suck.

Why oh why do you insist on thinking that all ladies are going to fall for the BS that you’re spilling out. Some of what you think is ‘sweet’ is downright creepy.

Case and point:

Tinder Dude: “What are you doing tonight?”

Me: “Staying at home, I’m not feeling too well”

Tinder Dude “Oh baby, that’s so sad. I wish I could come over and snuggle with you and rub your back”.

At this point, we’ve been talking for about five minutes.


1. I don’t like being coddled when I’m sick. By anyone. Ever. You know how in elementary school gym class you would have to stick your arms out to create a “personal space” so that you didn’t get in anyone’s way when exercising? Yeah, do that, times three.

2. Rub my back? No thanks. Had you said “aw that sucks, want me to come over and continue hitting the “yes, I am still here” button on your Netflix while you’re half asleep” that would be acceptable.

Another example

Me: “Yeah, I’m really into hockey. Been a fan since I was a kid.”

Tinder Dude: “A hockey fan? Oh that’s so cute! Do you think the players are hot”

CUTE. You’re calling my life’s passion CUTE?

Also this induced a blood pressure rising rage in my body, as my biggest peeve is men assuming that women watch sports for the “hotness of the men”. One, playoff beards are generally pretty gross. 2. NO JUST NO. I could, and probably will, go on a full rant about my hatred of this statement.

GFY dude, GFY.

I get the feeling that some guys have this horribly misguided view on what they think they should say to impress a woman. Sure, there are probably some people out that think I’m being too harsh, but that’s just how I operate.

I don’t want you to call me anything cutesy, I don’t want you to belittle me and I sure as hell don’t want you to make creepy sexual innuendos when I haven’t even met you in person.

I just want someone to have a real conversation with. Tell me about yourself, tell me about your interests, tell me anything at all, just don’t assume that I’m some innocent little flower that wants sweet nothings whispered into her ear.

On an unrelated note, the title of this post was inspired by the Pitbull/Kesha song “Timber” which every time I hear, I change the word Timber to Tinder. I dare you not to do the same.


For as long as I can remember, a travel bug has been firmly lodged deep within me.  Even as a little girl, I always loved geography and studying new places and new people.

Until I graduated university, and started making my own money, I never really had much of an opportunity to get very far from home. I made a few trips to Alberta (to visit family), had a school trip to Montreal, but air travel was limited and far between.

You could say, I’ve definitely been making up for lost time. Since 2009 I’ve been to Europe twice, Toronto/Montreal a few times each, and I’ve road tripped through about 20 USA states.  And that isn’t even the tip of the iceberg of what I want to see.

I think I get my “world lust” from my grandmother. I wish she’d had more opportunity to see the world when she was younger, but that wasn’t really an option in those years. She’s been spending a bit of her golden years on various seniors tours in Europe and she absolutely loves it.

So, what is the point of this post? I guess really just to try and figure out what’s next. Sometimes the day to day seems to dull and bland that I have an insane urge to jump on a plane and just go.  I mean, if not now then when? But do I really have the balls to do that?

I do know that I’ll never fully be able to stay in one place and be all “this is it, I never want to go anywhere again.” Thoughts of that actually make me a little sick to my stomach.

This world is big, it’s beautiful and it’s meant to be roamed.  What’s next for me, I’m not entirely sure yet. But what’s for sure, is there WILL be a next.

Biarritz 5

One of my favourite photos – taken in Biarritz, France in September 2011.

Music Tuesday

Originally I had planned to give this post the snappier name of “Music Monday” butttt I got distracted, so this is what we’re left with.

A friend recently informed me that she’d read an article that stated that typically, people stop searching for new music once they hit 33. I’m calling major BS on this fact. I am quickly hurdling through time and space to the land of the 30 and I feel like, if anything, my music taste is better than it’s ever been.

Of course, we all have our nostalgia “partying with the b’yes” music that we love to throw down to from time to time (I love you, Justin Timberlake). But from day-to-day I tend to run pretty eclectic.

Here’s a sampling of music I’ve discovered just in the past few days.

I loved that this song is upbeat and fun, I was listening to it tonight while doing some housework.

I actually recommend checking out the full Andrew McMahon catalog. He’s been a new find of me and I think it’s fantastic. I love how it’s both heartfelt and upbeat.

Now let’s slow it down a little with a bit of alt-J. I’m a sucker for a gentle whistle in the middle of a song, especially when combined with a slow build.

If you don’t already love Florence, I’m not sure we can be friends. I love her and 97% of her music. I can’t wait to hear her new album in its entirety. 

Summer of ’15

When you live in a place that has a brief summer season, maximizing it’s potential is key. You really do not want to waste any solid, sunny days. Its also why I generally don’t plan any travel for the summer, I figure it’s just as well to be here to enjoy the bit of warmth that we get and save the travel for the off season.

Thus, I present my list of things I want to do in the summer of 2015. For me, “summer” season will encompass June to September.

1. Plan Weekend Excursions – This is very much already in the works. Already I have planned a camping weekend a Lockston Park, a cabin weekend at Golden Bay Sands and a long weekend at home when my aunt arrives in July.

2. Enjoy the Outdoors – I have a gym membership that I use regularly, but I want this summer to be all about nature. I’m going to invest in a good pair of hiking boots and hit the wide open trails. We have lots of them here, so I might as well avail of them.

3. Wireless time with family and friends – I full admit that I am a slave to my cell phone. It’s tied to my hand and I even sleep with it under my pillow. Due to this, I think consciously being present ‘in the moment’ will both make me a better friend and will also be good for me mentally.

This is all I can think of for the moment, but I’m sure I’ll add more as summer draws more near. What about you? What plans do you have for the upcoming summer?

Be a Tourist at Home – Brigus Edition

I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s pretty easy to get a case of the extended winter blahs. I have a love/hate relationship with my province, in that it is spectacularly beautiful, but at the same time very finicky when it comes to the weather.

With our spring feeling more like late fall, myself and two friends were dying for a bit of fresh air and sunlight, so we decided to take a brief day trip to a small town about an hour from where we live.

We chose Brigus because Shane had never been there before. He fell in love with it right away. Brigus is one of the oldest settlements on the island of Newfoundland and although I didn’t get any great pictures of the town centre, it’s definitely worth a visit to see the vibrantly coloured houses and small quaint streets.


For me, it was just what I needed for a little introspection. The blue sky, fluffy clouds and rugged landscapes reiterated what I love about this big province and just put me in the best of moods.


Sometimes a trip doesn’t have to be fancy and elaborate, just getting out of your normal zone for a few hours does the body and mind good.

Please note that all we’re taken on an iPhone 5S with no filters or editing applied. Gorgeous, isn’t it?


Music Review – The Lumineers

As I am sure any of my friends will gladly tell you, my taste in music has definitely evolved over the years.  I’ve gone from strictly the poppiest of pop to a bit more of an eclectic mix of of folk/indie/rock (but that’s not to say you won’t see me heavily rocking out to Uptown Funk or some Taylor Swift in my car from time to time).

On my radar for a while now has been The Lumineers.  Their biggest hit thus far came out out a few years ago (Ho Hey), but the band is so much more than this one song.

I like the upbeat sounds of their music and the fact that most of the songs sound distinctly different, unlike a lot of other bands these days.

If you’re a ‘starter’ fan my highest recommendation would be to check out Stubborn Love and go from there, I dare you not to like it.

Getting Back To Me

It’s been a while since I’ve felt the urge to write anything worthwhile.  However, as of late, I’ve felt like a small change is afoot. I’ve felt for a little while, (as cliche as it sounds) that I kind of lost myself. I stopped doing a lot of the things that I’ve previously loved – things like writing for fun, reading, just having a creative outlet.

I don’t have any reasons for why I stopped this, but I just haven’t felt like myself, and I think it’s time for that to change.

I ran another blog for a while, but I felt it was time for a bit of a mature update.  So here I am, a little bit of Terri for the internets.

I’m not giving this blog any type of categorization, it’s going to just be a little bit of me – some photos, reviews, musings, etc. Also, I hope to share a (as for now, secret) journey with you all in upcoming days (can you handle the suspense!)

I hope you decide read along with me.