Flying By

I haven’t been quite as good of an updater lately as I would like, but I’m ‘blaming it’ on summer. After all the complaining I (and everyone else) did in July, we’ve had a really great August and I’ve been trying to enjoy it fully before the winter blahs hit again.

So what exactly have I been up to? Well, for one, a lot of backyard fires. It seems this is the year everyone that I know decided to invest in a fire pit (which isn’t a bad thing), so I’ve been spending lots of time sitting around, cider and marshmallow in hand.

In addition, I’ve been spending a bit of time in my hometown and doing some weekend trips. Just this last weekend I packed up the car, one of my best friends, and two five year olds (the kids of another friend), and headed off for a cabin adventure at a little camping resort called Golden Sands. We left at 12:30pm on Friday and the twins mom met us there around 11pm, so it was quite the adventure to play mom/aunt/caretaker for a full day to two rambunctious (and sometimes horribly over tired) pre-schoolers. We had fun times though – between swimming, having a fire and feeding them far too much ice cream (but that’s what ‘aunts’ are supposed to do, right?)

I’ve mentioned this before, but I know I’m incredibly lucky to have such a great group of friends who love to go on these little excursions together. This time, we had 11 adults and 2 kids spread over three side-by-side-by-side cabins and it was a fantastic time. Minus the fly bites. Oh the flies. On ONE leg I counted 23 mosquito bites alone. My poor legs are still recovering from the trauma. Just as a note – don’t ever wear Lululemon leggings (or probably any brand of leggings for that matter) around a mosquito filled fire at night. I was probably better off with bare legs.

As for what’s upcoming? This fall starts off with a ‘bang’ with Labour Day weekend back home in Elliston, followed by my friend’s birthday weekend and a weekend of volunteering at a local food festival (what a hardship that is!)

Oh, and who can forget – hockey season starts up again soon!

I ADORE being busy and I’m also thinking of doing some kind of class in the fall. The last I did was introductory film class about a year and a half ago (which led to my insane web series, but that’s a story for another day). So I feel like I need another creative outlet to get me through winter.

Well, that’s the latest in the land of Terri. As summer winds down I’ll be doing more of this whole blogging thing. I hope to make friends with a few of you along the way as well! I’ll leave you with a few snaps from my weekend excursion.

The inside of our weekend abode.
The inside of our weekend abode.
Time for a swim!
Time for a swim!
On a "train" that took us around the park - I don't know who enjoyed it more, Dion or the kids.
On a “train” that took us around the park – I don’t know who enjoyed it more, Dion or the kids.
Pals hanging around the fire.
Pals hanging around the fire.
The view from the patio of our cabin.
The view from the patio of our cabin.
It was the first time I took on the solo (with some help) task of cooking breakfast. Toutons, eggs, bacon, bologna and hash browns for 13!
It was the first time I took on the solo (with some help) task of cooking breakfast. Toutons, eggs, bacon, bologna and hash browns for 13!
Me and Diana decide it's a great idea to take a "BBQ Selfie"
Me and Diana decide it’s a great idea to take a “BBQ Selfie”

Start of Summer

I know I’m very lucky, in that I have a fairly large group of friends who are always ready to do things/go places/generally be weirdos.  It’s even better when the majority of us decide to go places as a massive group. This post is a little delayed, but I just thought I would share a few snaps that I took over the long weekend we had in May.

12 of us piled into our cars and drove to the town of Eastport for the weekend.  Eastport is a bit of a rarity in Newfoundland, in that, it has quite a few sand beaches.  These aren’t the norm around here (except I’m spoiled to have a pretty great one in my hometown of Elliston as well). The town is pretty small, but it was what we were looking for, for a weekend away.

We rented what used to be a B&B that is now rented out as a full unit. It was really great for everyone to have their own space – with 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms there was plenty of beds to go around!

IMG_6659The inside of the house. It was a little dated (think mid-90s) but very functional and had wifi.


A stereotypical “let’s go to the beach and jump in the air shot” – some of us are obviously more talented than others!


Brunch for 12 includes: 2 dozen eggs, 3 packages of bacon, 3 packages of touton dough, about 24 slices of bologna and (not shown) about 10 potatoes cut into hash browns. Quite the feed!


Corn hole tournament, anyone?


You probably haven’t acted out charades like these before.


As with any old house, we assumed this one was haunted. We named our ghostly friend Stanley. He seemed pretty friendly. Probably because we kept his cup full of beer over the weekend.


Talent? I think yes.

Those are just a few shots from our weekend. There’ll be more over the summer as we excursion more together.  Though, you know you’re really becoming an adult, when our next cabin outing involves children!