Summer of ’15

When you live in a place that has a brief summer season, maximizing it’s potential is key. You really do not want to waste any solid, sunny days. Its also why I generally don’t plan any travel for the summer, I figure it’s just as well to be here to enjoy the bit of warmth that we get and save the travel for the off season.

Thus, I present my list of things I want to do in the summer of 2015. For me, “summer” season will encompass June to September.

1. Plan Weekend Excursions – This is very much already in the works. Already I have planned a camping weekend a Lockston Park, a cabin weekend at Golden Bay Sands and a long weekend at home when my aunt arrives in July.

2. Enjoy the Outdoors – I have a gym membership that I use regularly, but I want this summer to be all about nature. I’m going to invest in a good pair of hiking boots and hit the wide open trails. We have lots of them here, so I might as well avail of them.

3.¬†Wireless time with family and friends – I full admit that I am a slave to my cell phone. It’s tied to my hand and I even sleep with it under my pillow. Due to this, I think consciously being present ‘in the moment’ will both make me a better friend and will also be good for me mentally.

This is all I can think of for the moment, but I’m sure I’ll add more as summer draws more near. What about you? What plans do you have for the upcoming summer?