Today I decided to impose a challenge upon myself. For a long time I’ve seen these “100 Happy Days” challenges on Instagram, where users challenge themselves to post something positive for 100 days in a row. I’m going to attempt to do a similar type of thing, only mine will be focused on health/fitness.

In 2015 I’ve already made a lot of positive health changes – my diet is drastically changed from what it used to be and I am a lot more active as well, but I still have a long way (and a lot of weight) left to go.

So, from now until December 3 (aka 100 days from now) I am going to attempt to post something health positive every day. This doesn’t mean that every single day I’ll exercise, but it does mean I’ll at least make a better decision every day. For example, if I go to a movie, perhaps I’ll choose to bring my own snack rather than eat a salty, calorie filled popcorn. Or maybe I’ll order from the calorie wise menu at a restaurant instead of the regular.

I’m hoping that by challenging myself to do these little things that at the end of 100 days, I’ll feel better about myself (and maybe I’ll even look a little better too).

You can follow along with me on Instagram, where I’ll be doing my daily posts (I’ll check in here from time to time as well).

https://instagram.com/terriachilds/ is where you can find me.

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