DIY 90’s Party

IMG_8264Laser backgrounds? Check. Vintage candy? Obviously. Spice Girls? Oh hell yes. All of these ‘ingredients’ and more went into making my friend Dana’s (in the pic above with me) birthday. It was her big 30th so we felt the need to go all-out for it. What follows is a collaboration of DIY projects that made it a memorable night.


To go along with the laser background we printed off some pictures of some classic 90s icons to use photo booth style (I mean what kind of a 90s party doesn’t pay reference to both the Titanic AND the iceberg that sunk it).


On both Pinterest and Etsy I kept seeing cupcake pictures that were available for purchase. I thought to myself ‘this can’t be very hard to recreate on my own’ and it really wasn’t. All you need is a coloured printer, some card stock and a few craft sticks. The hardest part for me was the glue gun, which obviously resulted in a few fingers being glued together ;).


Diana had seen a great recipe online for making multicoloured icing for cupcakes. We were super impressed at how well it turned out. All you needed was to make some white icing, add some food colouring and then add it all to a piping bag. You didn’t even have to be particularly careful in how you ‘arranged’ the icing in the bag.


Not bad, hey?


Dana herself created this masterpiece of a food table. She taped together some old VHS cassettes, added in a bunch of classic candy (ring pops, fruit by the foot, etc), and put out some fruit loops for the munching!


Another 90s classic is the paint splatter background, a favourite in many a school photo. Here Shane and Dion pose in some 90s fashion favourites – including denim on denim.


The weekend before the party a few of us had gone to our childhood homes for the Thanksgiving long weekend. There we raided our old closets and attics to come up with some 90s gear. Among what we found were Babysitters Club Books, posters, Barbies and an intense collection of troll dolls. All free and all very nostalgic.


So there you have it! To keep this post from going excessively long here is just an overview of all the things we found and created for the party. Most everything was done for very cheap and it was definitely a very collaborative effort. It was fun to be able to create some of this stuff and as the rest of our crew starts hitting 30 in the new year, perhaps we’ll put these skills to use again!

Jennifer could not have looked more amazing in her wet suit!

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